City: New York City

Passion: Providing tools, education and training to young people in underserved communities


Performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland was Domenick Propati’s childhood ambition, the reason he practiced his drums for up to five hours every day, yet when it became a reality in his early twenties, he left the stage feeling unfilled and even selfish.

Encouraged by his family to strive for great things, the professional musician decided to get a Terminal Masters Degree in Design and Technology from Parsons The New School for Design, where he learned "to see the world through design eyes."

In December, Domenick and his friend Alex Koplin launched their unique for-profit social enterprise, Koplin & Propati Partners, offering young people in underserved communities the tools, education and training to provide design and technology consulting services for clients with a pre-existing strong social responsibility strategy, in addition to a Startup Incubator for young adults who show passion, vision and focus.

A member of the U.N.’s Partnership for Sustainable Development, Domenick, who is the lead user experience instructor at General Assembly by day, and Alex are preparing to expand internationally to developing countries this year.

Written By: Aoife Anderson

Photo Credit: Ruby Yeh

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