Start conference culminated in a passion project award pitch, where 9 pre-selected participants pitched their projects to a panel of 4 judges, who along with the crowd determined 3 winners. Meet the participants and their projects here. They were rated on their passion, hustle and impact.

If you have a passion project idea, or simply searching for your passion, now is the time to go after it through The Passion Co.’s 5 week part time program. See what all the hype is about. 

Creative Category

Name: Sabereh Kashi

Project: Home Yet Faraway is a documentary on living in the USA and connecting with Iran.

Name: Kevin Gordon

Passion ProjectShine On is an inspirational short film series about people with typical day jobs but some unexpected passion outside of work that they live for. 


Name: Wynne Arete

Passion Project: Learning to sew and make a family of simple versatile clothing pieces that can be worn throughout the year, inspired by the natural colors of the Pacific West Coast. Learn more here.

Small Business Category

Name: Rachel Lipkin

Passion Project: Rachel's Bake Lab makes homemade cookies shipped nationwide and delivered locally!

Name: Meghdad Abbaszadegan

Passion ProjectFeel Free promotes face-to-face interactions within local communities.


Name: Miquila Alejandre

Passion ProjectBloom Equation uses the lost language of flowers to say what you really mean. Real flowers turned real smart. Miquila is a Passion Program alumni. 


Personal Category

Name: Keiko Shimizu

Passion ProjectThe Concert Company is a private concert booking platform that connects audiences and musicians. Keiko is a Passion Program alumni. 

Name: Mini Mukherjee

Passion Project: Our Smile Project is a growing collection of short stories celebrating the anonymously great moments that happen every day. These stories inspire readers to find strength through compassion, see beauty amidst darkness and to always smile in the face of adversity.


Name: Maria Yuan

Passion Project: Use IssueVoter to know when issues you care about are up for vote, send your opinion to Congress in one click, and know whether your Rep is actually representing you. We even summarize issues to make them easy to understand.

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