City: San Francisco

Passion: Violin


The Sunday afternoon of the World Cup Final, I returned home defeated as my favorite team since I was a little girl had lost and my favorite sports event had ended. As I was walking up the stairs, I remembered that I was about to meet Gabi Holzwarth who was referred to us by a friend for our first video passion story. She was described as "former soccer suite selling superstar turned full-time violinist." 

Gabi was waiting for me, dressed in a long summer black and white dress, her soft hair held up in a teenage like ponytail. She made me feel at home in my own home. As soon as you meet her, she scoops you into a deep sea of joy, playfulness and genius. At 24, Gabi has turned her passion for violin into more than a full-time job. She has become a vessel of inspiration to young women who are struggling with confidence and body image. I was one of them. 

Elle Wildhagen, our videographer and Gabi went on an adventure shortly after the interview, and what came out of it is our first passion story video. It may make you cry, make you smile or simply make you grateful. Share with us how it made you feel.