City San Francisco, CA

Age 30 and loving it!

Passion Project The thankyouProject

Occupation Visual Designer


Marissa came up with the idea for her Passion Project, The thankyouProject, as she wanted to encourage people to share, create and express what they are each uniquely grateful for.



Can you tell us how more about your Passion Project and how it worked?

Participants wrote their gratitude on post-its and displayed submissions for all to see. ‘Incomplete’ postcards were also available for people to creatively personalize, and were happily mailed to loved ones all over the country by me!

You describe yourself as a visual thinker with a passion for making great ideas better through design. So what did you get from the Passion Project Program? How did it help you succeed?

It surprised me how breaking the work into small, manageable parts made it easy to complete. Not only was I pleased that I showcased my project, but I was pleased that the project was well-thought out and beautifully executed.

Was your journey smooth-sailing? What is the toughest challenge you faced?

Did I hit a wall? You bet I did. My original ‘card making station to share gratitude’ plan was strong, but didn’t work well within the environment it was going to live. The idea had to be refined. Rounds of sketching and bouncing ideas off of friends helped me fine-tune the thankyouProject immensely. Presenting the thankyouProject at Passion Co.’s Shine event in December created a feeling of success and deep happiness within me. The positive reactions the thankyouProject sparked within people, and the time they took to sit down and create was priceless.
A Shine participant sending a thankyou card and interacting with Marissa's project. 

A Shine participant sending a thankyou card and interacting with Marissa's project. 

Did you learn anything about yourself along the way?

Passion Co. has helped me face my fear of failure. Passion Co’s workshop helped me identify what I wanted and gave me the tools to go and get it!

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