City San Francisco, CA

Passion Project Our Love

Age 26

Occupation Artist




Hunter's life-long passion to use creativity to connect people and build community inspired him to kickstart his venture, Our Love. The interactive art project seeks to foster connections between both friends and strangers alike by inviting them to share the story of their first love.


What surprised you most about your Passion Project?

I was surprised by where I began with the project and where I ended up. I began with the idea that I would use love, a shared human emotion, to break down social barriers and show how similar we all are.

What was your original plan? How did it evolve?

The plan was to capture people’s stories about their first loves using the same set of prompts. Those stories would then be displayed along with their picture. Then viewers could see that people that looked nothing like them or lived nothing like them also had a similar story of love. However, at some point I realized that I’ve done many projects using written storytelling, so I decided to try something new and use the project to create the opportunity for one-on-one interaction between people.

How did you hone your vision?

I did a lot of brainstorming and sketching to arrive at the final format. The debut of the project at the Shine event was just the beginning. A prototype, a test to see how people use it, if they use it, why they use it.

What's next?

Next I will take the project out to public space and see what happens.

You have a lot of experience as a artist. What attracted you to the Passion Program and what did you get out of it?

The Passion Co. provided me a strong community that encouraged and supported me through the completion of my project. A group of passionate people with a shared cause — to honor their dreams — is rare and powerful.


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