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Gifts Made with Passion


Gifts Made with Passion

This season, we rounded up our favorite gifts from our community, making sure they are all made with passion. By buying the “made with passion” gifts, you are supporting someone who is following their passions, small businesses and gifting your loved ones something unique. A win, win, win. 

Passion workshop gift pass - $50

Over the past decade, an abundance of psychology research has shown that experiences bring people more happiness than do possessions. Our three hour evening workshop in San Francisco is the perfect gift for someone close to you who you think needs an experience to explore new possibilities and passions, rethinks his or her career or simply belong to a supportive community. Buy it here.

The Quarter-life Breakthrough - A Millennials career guide - $8.99

The Quarter life breakthrough is one of our favorite books on career and meaningful living, written by our community member and program teacher Smiley Poswolsky. The perfect gift to is inspire career change for your friend or even cousin and help them get unstuck and change the world. Buy it here.  

Slow Factory - NASA inspired silk scarves - starting $150

Our muse Celine Vernon (read her passion story) is the founder and designer of Slow Factory. She creates silk scarves made in Italy and packaged in New York with love. Our pick for this holiday is USA by night, taken from NASA's International Space Station. 52"x52" silk-modal. Use code HAPPY for 25% discount. Check it here.






Ventana Yoga - Locally designed & eco-friendly yoga mats - $89

Our program graduate Sierra Campbell launched a beautiful and elegant line of yoga mats. She works with local designers in San Francisco, and produces them in California, using recycled materials. Check out her new chakra collection here



Chloe the cloud.jpg

Gratitude themed Children's book - $9.99

Our community member Venetia Pristavec made a long time dream come true: she produced two children books to teach them about gratitude. We love the illustration and how we can teach more and more kids about being thankful. 

Every Body Be Grateful: A bedtime story teaching mindfulness and gratitude for the body. Buy here.
Chloe the Cloud: A dancing cloud tries to find her place in the sky when everyone just wants the sun. Buy here

Jessica Wertz Ceramics - Dot Bud Vase - $58

Based in Berkeley, Jessica Wertz discovered her passion for pottery 3 years ago and never looked back. Get to know her in this passion story feature. For your gifting this season, we picked one of her vases, wheel-thrown and hand decorated. A soft matte white dotted surface will surely bring a gentle beauty into the home. Buy it more.





52 Cups of Coffee - A book on navigating life's uncertainties - $9.99

Megan Gebhart launched her book, a collection of inspiring stories through our program earlier this year. A perfect gift for any college student or 20something navigating the the uncertainties of life and career. The book chronicles her yearlong journey to have coffee with 52 strangers and the invaluable lessons learned in the process. Buy it here

Uncommon Stocks - A Silicon Valley Thriller - $4.95

Eliot Peper is an investor turned writer. His first book is in the top ten bestselling tech startup thriller series. Think David Baldacci for tech: sex, murder, and venture capital. Buy it here


Gift yourself! The find your passion program - $350 (Special Price)

Invest in yourself in the new year by applying to our Find Your Passion Flagship program. Perfect for transitions, kickstarting new projects, and getting clarity on your passions in a supportive environment. Apply here.


Yoga DJ, illustrated cookbook, comics, fashion & more - Revealing Shine Lineup


Yoga DJ, illustrated cookbook, comics, fashion & more - Revealing Shine Lineup

Organizing Shine never gets old. With every Passion Co. class graduating, we get giddy about seeing our program participants shining and revealing proudly their labor of love to the world.

For our September 17th Shine we scouted a new location, in one of our favorite neighborhoods, The Mission. Galería de La Raza founded in 1970, is a non-profit community-based arts organization whose mission is to foster public awareness and appreciation of Chicano/Latino art and serve as a laboratory where artists can both explore contemporary issues in art, culture and civic society, and advance intercultural dialogue. 



Our theme for this month, LEGACY was inspired by my Burning Man experience, where I spent time in the temple reflecting on what I want to be remembered for and wether I was on the right track towards my desire. At Shine, you will be engaged through art, creativity and group exercises to think through this important question yourself too.

We are partnering with Peerspace, a marketplace for creative spaces, Yamba Hummus who will be providing a delicious Hummus bar and Bee D'Vine, who will cater a honey wine bar for the evening. Kate Kittredge founder of Pétale SF, and one of our Passion muses, curated and designed our flowers. 

Our Lineup

Wednesday September 17th

6:00- 7:00 PM: Chill-out lounge music by DJ by JJ O'Brien (also a Bachelorette finalist and founder of Hem Haus)

7:00- 8:15 PM: Presentations & Demos by select Program participants

8:15 - 9:00 PM: Live music by Venetia Pristavec

Passion Projects Highlights

This evening is for you if:

- You are looking to meet inspiring and creative people and connect with them on a meaningful level

- You are exploring your life purpose and passions

- You are an artist and looking to get involved in a passionate community

- You appreciate art, entrepreneurship and tasteful things in life

Tickets are selling out, so get yours soon and we hope to celebrate with you.

With love,

Jessica Semaan - Founder