Author: Nina Mufleh

Twitter: @ninamufleh

Nina is an experienced marketer, who grew up in Jordan. She is the woman behind the Nina4airbnb that went viral, and reached over half a million readers. Nina is also a passion Program Graduate, and her passion project was launching her painting collection.



As a member of The Passion Co community, I’ve seen dozens of inspiring projects come to life.  At Shine, I’ve had the privileged of hearing about what sparks the ideas behind them, and I’m constantly impressed by participants that have the courage to share their stories. Some of these projects are transforming into companies. Others are serving as a creative outlet for their creators. There are projects that are related to crafts, others that have to do with building hardware, some have to do with music, and many are related to the culinary arts! The common thread between them all is that they are born out of a strong desire, a compelling need to want to share something with the world. I felt this need recently. After one year of getting nowhere in my job search, I created a marketing campaign to show potential employers how passionate I am about the work I do. The campaign received global attention with nearly half a million visits to the website, millions of impressions on social media and international press coverage. It succeeded without a budget or a support team, proving that the success of the campaign was completely tied to executing the foundations of marketing. These principles can be applied to global brands and to ideas that are just taking off. I’m sharing the main takeaways of the campaign here with the aim to help other passionate creators learn from this campaign. I hope that the lessons will serve you well in designing the stories around what you are doing and help you spread your work more effectively.


1. Be clear about your end goal

Make sure everything you do supports getting there.

2. Aim to solicit an emotional reaction

The two factors that generate conversation are either an incentive based approach or creating something that has intrinsic value, meaning it solicits an emotional reaction. When people have a strong reaction to something, they’re likely to share it.

3. Measure your progress against your goals

If you realize that there are too many obstacles along the way, reassess your approach

4. Simplify everything

Make your message impossible to misunderstand.

5. Pick a good name

Name your campaign in a way to keep it short, descriptive and easy to remember.

6. Be unique

Our minds are trained to recognize novelty. When you do something new, you are more likely to stand out.

7. Know when it’s good enough to launch

This applies to your Passion Projects as well as to your marketing campaigns.

8. Pay attention to the details and include touches that will add to your story

Authenticity and coherence are key. Remove details that don’t support your story and include those that enhance it.

9. Seed your content

Use your own network to get people to start talking about what you’re doing.

10. Pick the right platforms

Each social media platform has its own unique benefits. Focus on the one that is most in line with achieving your goal.

11. Incorporate different forms of social proof

There are many forms of social proof, including peer commentary, expert testimonials and celebrity endorsements.

12. Time it right

The timing of a campaign will determine how long its life cycle will last.

13. Analyze the results

Measure the data around your campaign and analyze the chatter funnel so you can learn how to improve your next one Measure the data around your campaign and analyze the chatter funnel so you can learn how to improve your next one . To learn more about these takeaways and for detailed advice on how you can apply the lessons to your next campaign, please visit