What would YOU do if you had 4 weeks to pursue one of your passions?

Join us at Shine on July 23rd, experience what 15 people just like you accomplished in 4 weeks, and get inspired to pursue your dreams, no matter how big they are. We have an amazing line-up, so get your tickets before they sell out. Our theme for the evening will be freedom - #youarealreadyfree - so dress in white and leave the rest to us. As usual, there will be local everything, from food to music.


Keynote Speaker - Marian Goodell, CEO of Burning Man

Inspired by the world renowned annual arts event in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, Burning Man has become a global cultural movement with more than 200 representatives on six continents. As the organization's recently named first CEO, Marian oversees Burning Man's year-round staff of 65 employees and its annual operating budget of roughly $25 million. Marian first attended the event in 1995 and has been a leader in its production since 1997. She developed the Burning Man Regional Network and is a founding board member of Black Rock Arts Foundation and Black Rock Solar. Marian is currently leading her organization's efforts to facilitate and extend the Burning Man ethos around the globe.

Passion Projects Highlights

Our 15 program participants projects are diverse, passionate and most importantly authentic, a quality we emphasize in our program.

Some participants chose to focus on personal growth: 30 days of meditation. Others focused on taking their passion to the next level: Launching a new website for a bridal brand, launching a website and brand identity for an artist's business, debuting a new personal fashion brand, launching a philanthropic outreach program for the homeless in San Francisco. One of the highlights of our evening will be the launch of our program participant Megan Gebhart's book: 52 Cups of Coffee, a compilation of stories from her meetings with 52 strangers over coffee.

The speakers will be styled by the local start-up Rocksbox a jewelry delivery service.

Credit: Megan Gebhart

Credit: Megan Gebhart

Art, Food & Music

The great artist Emily Beeson is putting together a participatory art installation around our theme freedom. Heather Normandale will open the evening with healing water inspired live music. Elliott Adams, who is known on the New Orleans DJ scene, will be spinning some great soulful tunes. The ladies from Slow Baked, Becca Jones & Sara Low, will be baking us yummy organic cookies. And as always, summer themed open champagne bar is in order. 

Credit www.slowbaked.com

Credit www.slowbaked.com

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