The day I left my job at Airbnb to fully focus on running The Passion Co., I received many congratulations. But, inside I was not feeling excited. And it was embarrassing. When I shared with my friend the truth about my feeling, she rightfully asked: “Haven’t you dreamt of this moment for years? To finally do what you love full-time?”

Getting to where I am today, and proudly say I am living my passion was not a one time big leap. It was a series of small first steps: an afternoon I dedicated to writing the first blog post, an evening I spent putting together the first Passion Co. workshop, the first time I charged for our Shine events and many more.
The small first steps continue every day and range from helping a participant who is taking our Passion Program, to designing the landing page for our conference.


Yes overnight success stories can be inspirational, but they often miss the reality, that I learned when interviewing a 100 people doing what they love: you have to start small. And repeat. And without that first small step, none of their creations, services and impact would have made it to the world.

We all have something to birth. Yet most of us end up not delivering because we get overwhelmed, distracted and scared.

At The Passion Co., our purpose has been to solve that. And we believe and know that by giving you the full support, structure and community you will start, tap into your full potential, and live more of a fulfilled life.
Imagine having a weekend of focus, inspiration and support. A weekend dedicated to your life’s most important question: why am I here?
On October 23rd, hundreds of us will gather in San Francisco to together connect and get started on our passions, take the first step.

We rounded up 25 ideas from our community and graduates to inspire you with what you could do during that weekend.

Big idea > Weekend Passion Project

#1 Become a  lifestyle /food blogger > Write my first blog post

#2 Write a fiction / autobiography / poetry book > Outline of my book

#3 Become a singer > Perform one song

#4 Play music > Learn to play one song on an instrument

#5 Become a stylist > Style my first shoot

#6 Personal brand > Build my personal website

#7 Sell my product >  Design a marketing plan

#8 Sell my service > Make my first sale

#9 Take more risks > Take 2 rejection challenges

#10 Live a healthy life > Learn a meditation routine

#11 Paint > Paint a mural

#12 Launch my company > Figure out pricing for my product

#13 Launch an offline community/ an events business > Plan my first event / workshop / pop-up

#14 Become a part-time photographer > Photograph 3 strangers on the street

#15 Make > Create and design baked goods

#16 Launch an app > Prototype the design of my app

#17 Start a storytelling platform > Interview 1 person for my blog / podcast

#18 Become an instagram celebrity > Learn instagram photography and take 10 photos

#19 Take a year off > Plan my trip around the world

#20 Learn pottery > Make a clay table set

#21 Build a community non-profit > Create and test a plan to engage your community

#22 Learn jewelry making > Make a ring

#23 Fundraise for my company > Prepare and practice my startup pitch

#24 Launch my food brand > Test my product

#25 Launch my floral design business > Design a floral arrangement

5 more days to get your early bird ticket to the first ever Start, a conference like you have never seen. A community like you have never imagined. A weekend that will change your life. Because it all starts with a small step. #timetostart

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