Toady, I'm sharing something just in time for the new year, and a new start! Molly Sonsteng + Dev Aujla have created a letterpress card that supports you, your passions, and passion projects. It's an incredible visual tool to see the time that you are dedicating to your passion. It's wonderful to use on your own, or gift to a friend.


About 100 Hours Project, from the founders.

The 100 Hours Project is a simple offline way to keep yourself accountable doing 100 hours of something you love. Whether it takes you a year, or 30 days to complete your 100 hours, you are destined to feel good doing more of what you love.

When we began this project, we had ideas of creating a website where you paid 100 dollars and for every hour completed, you got a dollar back. It got complicated fast. We soon realized we don’t need more confusion, more debt, more usernames or passwords. It can be much simpler.

A simple letterpress card, a service that sends a gentle reminder in the mail, and something beautiful to stick to your fridge and check off with a pen.

Learn more here.

Many cheers,
Molly and Dev