City: San Francisco

Passion: Building a food system that protects the environment, promotes better health and creates American jobs. And pies.


It started with the meeting of two unique minds, Anna Deirvi-Castellanos and Lenore Estrada bonded at an early age at choir practice. Raised to respect the environment, their community and quality, sustainable ingredients, they grew up baking delicious pies, and the seed of an idea was planted.

Anna always knew she would work in the food industry and was determined to educate herself on everything there is to know about it. She worked her way up from the bottom at a small chain of natural food stores before going to culinary school and attempting to open her own Mexican eatery.

Few paths are simple and things didn’t go as planned, but fate intervened and her best friend Lenore - who recently shared her story with us - moved back to California from New York, excited to start a new venture.

A brainstorming session prompted them to try to bring their childhood dream, to start their own food business together, to life. Eager to share their talents, principles and values with the rest of the world through pies made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, they started Three Babes Bakeshop in 2010.

Written By: Aoife Anderson

Photo Credit: Nina Menconi

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