Name: Pat Bailey

Title: Founder of Yoga with PB

City: San Francisco, CA

Passion: Yoga


When I met Pat, she was holding her heart in her hands telling a group of eager others to do the same. To see and embrace their heart language, and see where it led them. For Pat, her heart has led her along her most intentional and true path. A path full of healing, connection, and movement. She truly embodies her practice by applying yoga to every moment of her day. These moments manifest in beautiful and heartfelt contributions - leading a heart forward life, and sharing it with those around her. 

Photos by: Pat Bailey // Instagram

On Passion

How and when did you find your passion?

I feel like I’ve been looking for it my whole life. And I don’t feel like it’s a single thing. I think I spent a lot of years trying to find it, with the stress and the fear, and the anxiety. I came full circle, and I stopped looking for it, and started living it. I’m living a life of passion. For me, it is not about finding it - my passion project is living it.

Tell us more about doing the transition to doing what you love.

Because I have been chasing the “it” for so long, I’ve had a lot of jobs. I have tried to make this jump to doing something passionate, or more heart forward, and it didn’t stick for one reason or another. This time around it’s a much smoother transition. I got certified to teach yoga, and the yoga is the backbone of my passion project. It was much easier to leave my job knowing that I was creating a life of passion. My job ended and I jumped. I’d been manifesting for a couple months, with my heart full forward, I let go of a lot of things, and I walked off the plank. I fluttered my wings a bit, and realized they could carry me. Left the job, subleased the apartment, left everything I knew and loved behind, and jumped into six weeks on the road. I went to eight countries in six weeks, and started this new life of leading yoga trips. It was really about manifesting, and ultimately having the courage to jump. It’s good to remember that you have your wings, and it opens you up to so many things you weren’t expecting. 

On Mastery

How did/do you hone your skills?

Sometimes people ask me, “When did you start practicing yoga?” and I say, “I’ve been practicing my whole life.” I remember I had a strong sense of self even at a very young age. I think that deeply effects my yoga. It’s something I listen to and develop more and more deeply as I get older. I’m constantly reading, and going to workshops. I have lots of yoga teachers who I practice with. And I come to the mat as a beginner everytime, and I will always be a student. It’s about not actually ever having it, but practicing what I preach. That’s practicing yoga daily, and teaching people how to live with their heart forward.

On Failure

Tell us about a time in your earlier transition to living your passion when you failed. How did you feel? What did you learn?

Failure is something that has changed for me over time. I think back to how I would have answered that question when I was looking for it - looking for passion. I feel like failure might have been closely tied with my ego. When I wasn’t good at something, I didn’t like how that felt, and that was my ego. Right now, I'm practicing living with my heart forward. Failure for me is not following the plan I have for myself. In everyday situations when I make a decision with my heart and override it with my mind, that is not success for me. 

It’s disappointing myself. People that I respect. Not doing my best effort. When I feel like I’ve failed at something, I can see it all on the table. I can say, "This is the part that is connected to my heart and this is the part that is connected to my ego." And I can choose which cards to take with me, learn from, and how I can do a better job next time.

On Fear

What has been your biggest fear about living your Passion?

That’s a really tough one, because I’m trying right now not to acknowledge fear. I’ve just jumped into self employment. I’m doing a lot of things that people might call crazy. My fear is my days would be over and that I didn’t practice what I preached. That I gave in, that I gave into fear. 

How do you overcome your fears?

One of the golden rules of my situation right now is to notice fear, but not acknowledge it - not let it lead me. 

On Support

Who inspires you? 

I’m inspired everyday by my teachers who teach from their heart, people who worship in this time. I’m inspired by people who believe in something so much that they will devote their lives to it. I’m inspired by artists, poets, and fashion. I’m inspired by courageous people. I like to surround myself with people who think differently from me. 

Is there a community that supports you? Who are they?

I have a little tribe of people, and most of them are women. I have a best friend who believes in me, and supports me with her whole heart. I have teachers and yogis who mentor me. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people who see you. When you need a different layer, you have them. 


On Self-Love

What is self-love to you? And how important is it to your journey?

It’s top priority for me. If I had to a solve all the world's problems - the reason that we are not all one - it’s because we don’t love ourselves. It’s the thing I have been working on my whole life. That’s why I’ve pressed pause on fear. I think self-love get’s a bad name, What is the danger in being too proud, or loving yourself too much? There is a lot fear about what will happen if you love yourself, but it’s the single most beautiful gift I’ve given myself. I kept looking for it outside me, and I stopped and figured out who is in there. You must love yourself in order to love someone else. With your full heart. It’s that simple. 


On Advice to the Community

Please share a piece of advice with our community of men and women who are looking to leave their traditional jobs and live their passions.

I think the biggest mistake people make is overriding their heart language with their head. When thinking with your head, it’s lead with the head’s army, which is fear. The heart has an army too, and that’s courage. There is a battle that happens there. Open the lines of communication to your heart, that is your first step. Once you are aware of it, and can hear it, be aware of the messages. What happens? What steps do you take? You have choices. Your heart is the tool that is leading you into your most authentic self, and into your passion. My heart has never led me astray. It’s an absolute. Follow your heart language. 

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